De Marquet was launched in September 2016 by designer and advertising professional Raffaella Iten Metzger and entrepreneur Markus Scheidegger. The Swiss brand, specialises in high-quality handbags and accessories. Their heartbeat of creativity and self-expression is shown through original designs and artist collaborations, with all items handcrafted in Italy.

My objective is to offer accessories of high creativity and great class, doing this with respect for the artisans and their work. Less «fast fashion» and more sustainability instead, that’s what I believe in.

I travel a lot and whenever I was packing I have always been wishing for accessories – especially bags – which would be multifunctional and beautifully designed at the same time: An elegant shoulder bag which can be turned into a stylish backpack whenever the situation requires free hands; a classy handbag with plenty of space to carry all documents for a meeting but with a side bag that can be detached and used as an elegant clutch in the evening … basically, I passionately create accessories I would love to own myself.

De Marquet is the name of my great-grandmother who was a noble Viennese. It perfectly represents tradition and consistency as well as the beautiful family ritual of passing favourites from one generation down to the other. I am delighted at the idea that the accessories I design could become someone’s favorite pieces and last a lifetime, and I wish you much pleasure with our De Marquet creations!

Raffaella Iten Metzger
Head of Design – Managing Owner