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De Marquet & Isabel Englebert

In our latest collaboration, De Marquet teamed up with Miami based jewellery designer Isabel Englebert to create a range of bespoke covers for the spectacular Night&Day bag. Its uniquely interchangeable top means that this gorgeous accessory can adapt to every woman’s look. The eleven styles are all one of a kind pieces that were handcrafted ...

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De Marquet feat. Paola Griffo – Soutache

A few months ago, Raffaella Iten Metzger, De Marquet’s designer, met Paola Griffo, a woman who creates incredible, handmade jewelry pieces that feature intricate designs and that are crafted in the most attentive and precise way. Raffaella was immediately blown away by Paola’s talent and her incredible creations, which inspired her to design a small, ...

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De Marquet goes Art Basel!

De Marquet goes Art Basel – a celebration of art, color and creativity! The Art Basel is an exceptional event that brings the international art world together. With showcases of various artists from around the globe, it brings a fascinating flair to Basel and inspires the creation of new pieces. Our designer Raffaella Iten Metzger ...